Revit Content Creation

ATD has a variety of content creation solutions which cater to all manufacturing, Architectural and Engineering clients.

Not only can we take you through the process efficiently and reliably, we can also help with hosting and distributions of your content.

Before we do any content creation we sit down with the client and ask what it is they would like achieve with this content.

Items to be addressed are Level of Detail, parametric content and ease of use for end user, as well as any other items that may need to be discussed.

ATD will capture everything required to populate a solid BIM strategy basing the benefits BIM can offer around the aims and objectives of your business.

We understand how many large manufacturers / designers in the construction industry are generally finding it harder to adopt BIM.

ATD’s consultancy services involve listening to our clients and tailoring a BIM strategy around where they are in the BIM adoption process, taking them towards BIM level 2 and beyond.