BIM Implementation

Understanding the BIM process is key to developing your team and the projects you work with.

This requirement for the adoption of BIM in the public sector has lead to an increase in uptake, meaning that the UK now ranks alongside Singapore, USA and Scandinavia (in particular Finland) in terms of BIM usage.

The adoption of BIM in the UK is most common among services engineers and larger contractors, whilst there is sadly less uptake by the architects, designers and smaller contractors.

When starting to implement BIM within your company, many employees find the following points hard to understand:

  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Exchange Calendar
  • The Digital Plan of Works
  • PAS 1192.2
  • Defined Level of Detail
  • Level of Detail Calendar
  • BIM Strategy Creation

Nevertheless, ATD can provide a step by step process with your employees to execute the BIM in line with PAS 1192.2

PAS 1192.2 Explained Graphically

PAS 1192.2

What is BIM Level 2 ?

Level 0 — unmanaged computer aided design (CAD)

Level 1 — managed CAD in either 2D or 3D

Level 2 — managed collaborative working in 3D design using separate models

Level 3 — managed collaborative (Still in it's infancy) working in 3D design using one single model with the use of Blockchain sharing software

PLEASE NOTE: BIM Level 2 (PAS 1192.2) will be superseded by BS-EN-ISO-19650-1 in first quarter of 2019.

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